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Express your love through these custom made pillows

Mothers have the most difficult job on the planet. They lose their sleep in the ordeal of making a family. They sacrifice their entire life taking care of their families. The question here is, why do we celebrate the love for our mothers just one day? Hence we came up with the idea of Customised Pillow. How can you make a customised pillow a perfect mother’s day present? We all know mothers go through a number of sleepless nights, especially the new mothers. So why not gift them a simple yet a very meaningful present this Mothers day? Coming up, few benefits of the personalised pillow: Handy It comes in handy whenever required. Many times they tend to sleep around the house, it is when these customised pillows come in handy. Walk down the memory lane These pillow covers are customisable with pictures, quotes and texts. You can make a collage of all the best memories and that would make the best gift for your mother. A good companion Whenever we are not around, they wait for us to walk through the same door we went out though. These personalised pillows would be their companion in this waiting. How can you customise these pillows? There are a number of ways in which you can personalise these pillows, listed are a few tips: Pictures These pictures are customisable with pictures. The best one will could be a collage of pictures depicting your mother’s journey from her childhood to she holding you. Texts ‘I love you MOM’ texts have become overrated. They no longer sound appealing. Instead, you can customise it with a special message dedicated to her. Graphics We buy t-shirts, pillows and other accessories with the graphics of our favourite band and wear them to their concerts. Why? Because that would make them happy. In the same way, we can customise a graphic t shirt this mothers day and personalise it with quirky stuff. Where can you get these custom made pillows? 3D Prints is one of Kuwait’s best online store. Our products range from T-shirts to mugs, to birthday parties to corporate events, from products for new mothers to celebrating the essence of mothers day. The freedom to customise and personalise any product and we deliver it to your door steps. We love to see our customers happy and that is business for us.

Gift your moms the best personalised box ever.

Personalised gift box in Kuwait'

It goes without a saying that being a mother is the most difficult job out there. They are the epitome of our lives. They are the ones who hold the family together, they sacrifice their desires for our happiness. Mothers are warriors, they fight for us. Don’t you think it’s time for us to express our gratitude towards them? This Mothers Day, show them you care. Express your love and gratitude by making them feel special. Acknowledge their sacrifices.

Mothers find happiness in our happiness, such is their heart. Big and pure. They do not expect anything from any of us, do they? They hide their pain, stick a smile and never say what they want. So, how do we know what is it that they actually want?

We at 3d prints wanted to come up with something that would integrate the love that we have for our mothers and something that would genuinely make her happy. What is the one thing that moms love doing? Collecting and storing absolutely anything! From plastics to crockery, from makeup to jewellery, moms love collecting them all and keeping it safe in her ‘secret closet’.
So we thought, why not gift her a box which can be used for all these purposes?

Yes, a customisable and personalised gift box for your mother this Mothers Day.

You would be wondering, how can a box be the perfect mothers day gift. These personalised gifts boxes are not just any box, they are a multi-purpose gift box. Let us first start with listing out the benefits of these custom gift boxes, let’s go:

Works as a custom jewellery box

All the mothers around the world have a drawer filled with jewellery items. We often find them complaining about losing one pair of earring or a tiny piece of the nose ring. This personalised box would be their lifesaver. They can stock all their jewellery in one place and never be worried about misplacing them again!

Makeup Boxes

Women love makeup. Every mother has at least an eyeliner in her vanity for sure. How would this custom gift box help them? Storage! They can store all their makeup in one place and organise their vanity. It will also save the cosmetics from future damage.

Storing of Old clothes

Moms are obsessed with cleaning. Be it the house or your wardrobe! Every 6 months they put on their cleaning gloves and remove everything that is old from the house, including your clothes. This personalised gift box can come in handy for storing the piles of old clothes from your wardrobe.

Storing anything really

Let’s be real, these customised gift boxes can be used for almost anything. Storing of food items, photo albums, clothes, and many more!

Another thing that mothers love is gifts that they can actually make use of. Now the box seems like a really good idea, doesn’t it?

These personalised gift boxes are 100% customisable. You can use images, text, quotes and almost anything to customise the gift and make it more special.

Tip: Use a picture of your mothers teenage years and stick your next to hers on the box. This will showcase that you are exactly like your mom and nothing could beat that happiness.