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Hala February Kuwait – 3DPRINT Blog

Hala February Kuwait – 3DPRINT Blog

Hala February Kuwait is an annual festival held in Kuwait. It is financed by private companies and some large-scale institutions. online websites  such as

Hala February Festival

Hala February Festival is an annual festival, which is organized by Kuwait city. Being a distinct month in Kuwait, festivals are organized during all the month. February coincides with both Kuwait’s National and Liberation Days. Kuwait, in February, is known for its moderate weather and beauty of nature.

Variety of activities, carnivals and special events are organized through the festival. Festival attendants, also, enjoy spending their time in shopping, as well as, attending musical parties, poetry evenings, cultural seminars and plastic arts. Many opportunities are available for winning special prizes and gifts in the daily raffles. In addition, sport teams on both the local and international level participate in the various activities held in the Kuwait sporting clubs.

Inspired by the consolidated spirit of Kuwait, great phenomenon of harmony and cooperation are manifested during the festival as nationals and expats enjoy the events and celebrations together side by side. Tourists also from all around GCC states flock to Kuwait to uphold their ties with their fellow Kuwaitis and show support.

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