Customised Pen – Classic Marketing Item

Customised pens in Kuwait

In a business life, presenting a narrative is always a good idea. A little extra effort put into making a communication more personal can lead to good things. Engraved or customised pens are on the top in this regards. They make great business gifts and even better personal mementoes, building a close bond between the company and those who will use the pen in their daily lives.

For those who are seeking a promotional item that is cost-effective and will actually find utility in the hands of the target audience, a personalised pen makes a lot of sense. Sure, there are other items too which can be customised such as tote bags, mugs, t-shirts – but a pen has a class in itself, hence a pen is a great promotional item.

How can you pick and customise your pen? 

Not every business that offers customisation can be trusted. Many focus more on the customisation and give very little attention to the quality of the product. Hence the first step is to select a business which stocks up high-quality pens. A high-quality pen is something that feels easy to hold and writes with precision. Quality is important in a promotional item because it will directly affect your relationship with the receiver.

The next step is coming up with the design to personalise the pen. There are a variety of ways in which you can customise your pen – you can either have your company logo engraved on it or get the receivers name printed to give it a more personal touch. The pen must include a large surface area for your logo and message to be clearly visible. The degree to which you want to customise your pen depends on the relationship you are striving to achieve. Many companies in Kuwait put their tagline alongside the logo in order to maintain the consistency with other marketing items.
In case of a customised pen, it makes more sense to personalise the message depending on the receiver to capture the moment.

A personalised pen is always a crowd pleaser. There’s something special about having your own pen, rather then the one you a found in the communal office closet.

Why customised pen? 

Personalised items make the best marketing tools in terms of increasing brand awareness. They let the recipient know what’s unique about your brand and can work as your USP. Bonus point for customising it because you rarely see those in the souvenir shops these days.

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