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Why give personalised gifts this Ramadan?

Kuwait is a country with rich culture and heritage. They are known for their hospitality and treating their guests right. This country believes in being in touch with their traditions and keeping it alive. One of the traditions that they follow strongly is the culture of hospitality, they are known for treating their guests right.

The holy month of Ramadan is celebrated across Kuwait with great enthusiasm. It is a month dedicated to spirituality and serenity. Ramadan is also a month of visiting relatives, spending time with friends and exchanging gifts. This one month experiences the highest rate of gift exchanges in Kuwait. Every year, same gifts, same people. What different could you do this year to make it a special one? Let us help you with that!

Everybody loves personalised gifts. The time and effort put into curating the gift is appreciated by the receiver and leaves a mark that stays forever. This Ramadan, go personal.
In this article, we are going to give you 3 solid reasons why you should give customised and personalised gifts to your loved ones. Let’s begin!

1. Appreciated

When you personalise your gift, the receiver understands the effort you’ve put into it. They will make sure that your gift shines through and take extra care of it. Affection cannot be seen but there are mediums or channels through which you can showcase it, and customising your gift one of the best ways to do it. Presenting a graphic tee with their picture on it, or a printed pillow, or a simple key chain, will express your feelings towards your loved one perfectly.

2. Cost Effective

Let’s be real, buying gifts is expensive. And finding the perfect gift is even more expensive. In the month of Ramadan, buying and receiving of gifts is more like a ritual. Imagine the kind of money you would be spending in buying gifts for each and every one. Expensive right?!

Hence Personalised gifts. The best part of customising your gifts is that you can buy it in bulk and the more you buy, the less you pay!

3. Personalised gifts for all occasions

You can customise your gifts not only for Ramadan, but for absolutely anything! Birthdays, Anniversaries, Corporate events, anything!

How can you do this?

3d Prints is one of the best website in Kuwait to get your hands on personalised t-shirts online.
We follow a concept called MYOS which stands for Make Your Own Shirt which allows our customers to design their own t-shirts and make it as personal as possible. Fast and be charitable all month long with personalised Ramadan apparels by 3d Prints. So what are you waiting for? Head over to 3dprintkw.com and start customising now!

Customised Pen – Classic Marketing Item

Customised pens in Kuwait

In a business life, presenting a narrative is always a good idea. A little extra effort put into making a communication more personal can lead to good things. Engraved or customised pens are on the top in this regards. They make great business gifts and even better personal mementoes, building a close bond between the company and those who will use the pen in their daily lives.

For those who are seeking a promotional item that is cost-effective and will actually find utility in the hands of the target audience, a personalised pen makes a lot of sense. Sure, there are other items too which can be customised such as tote bags, mugs, t-shirts – but a pen has a class in itself, hence a pen is a great promotional item.

How can you pick and customise your pen? 

Not every business that offers customisation can be trusted. Many focus more on the customisation and give very little attention to the quality of the product. Hence the first step is to select a business which stocks up high-quality pens. A high-quality pen is something that feels easy to hold and writes with precision. Quality is important in a promotional item because it will directly affect your relationship with the receiver.

The next step is coming up with the design to personalise the pen. There are a variety of ways in which you can customise your pen – you can either have your company logo engraved on it or get the receivers name printed to give it a more personal touch. The pen must include a large surface area for your logo and message to be clearly visible. The degree to which you want to customise your pen depends on the relationship you are striving to achieve. Many companies in Kuwait put their tagline alongside the logo in order to maintain the consistency with other marketing items.
In case of a customised pen, it makes more sense to personalise the message depending on the receiver to capture the moment.

A personalised pen is always a crowd pleaser. There’s something special about having your own pen, rather then the one you a found in the communal office closet.

Why customised pen? 

Personalised items make the best marketing tools in terms of increasing brand awareness. They let the recipient know what’s unique about your brand and can work as your USP. Bonus point for customising it because you rarely see those in the souvenir shops these days.

Thinking about getting your own customised pen? Browse through our website for customisation option.

We are Kuwait’s one of the best online store. From personalising t-shirts to mugs, caps and keychains, we allow our customers to customise every product to their liking. High-quality is our holy grail and we do not compromise on that. Head over to 3dprints.kw and customise your first batch today!

Personalisation and Promotional Marketing go Hand-in-Hand

تي شيرت مخصص على الانترنت الكويت

Personalised Marketing is a massively underused strategy, it doesn’t surprise us how few companies actually use it for their benefit. Personalised Marketing does not limit the impact of the promotion, it makes it better. It’s time to Think Big.

Kuwait’s economy is dynamic and is not just restricted to crude oil anymore. Businesses are expanding and adapting to the technological changes and moving towards the digital space. Companies are competing to deliver their message.

Digital Marketing is more about relating to the audiences and connecting with them, and connecting with the audience is allowing them to create what they want. Which is exactly what personalisation or customisation allows them to do.

 In this article we are going to give you reasons why personalised items and marketing go hand-in-hand. Let’s begin! 

 The question is, why personalised products? Here’s why.
  • Extended Brand Exposure.

Unlike a traditional marketing, promotional products are difficult to miss, Let it be brand promotional or corporate promotional products. A tote bag with your logo printed on, will surely get more attention.  Your clients will also be able to use it repeatedly.

  • Valuable 

Flyers and newspaper advertisements have become outdated in terms of marketing because they are often getting thrown away. Promotional items such as t-shirts or a customised pen aren’t likely to get tossed as they become more of a gift rather than promotion.

  • Most importantly, INEXPENSIVE

Traditional Marketing methods are extremely costly. One advertisement in a newspaper can cost you a lot of money. But that isn’t the case with personalised items. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes which is customisable!

 How can these products be used for marketing? 

  • Spread brand awareness.

 Personalised items quickly spread the word about your brand. Clients love free gifts and samples and are more likely to tell their friends about the personalised merchandise you gave them.

  • Screen Print coupons and stickers.

Many businesses in Kuwait are now printing coupons on promotional items such as pens, key chains, caps, etc or offer t-shirts that entitle their customers to discounts. You can get as creative as you want to, there is no limit in the customisation world. 

  • To provide a welcome kit to new members.

Many companies now are welcoming the new members in their team with a customised gift set. These consist of items such as water flasks, customised t-shirt, notebook, etc. You can curate your set of a welcome kit according to your convince.

There is no hardcore rule when it comes to customisation and we at 3d Prints understand that. Hence, we call ourselves as Kuwait’s best online store for customised products. Our user-friendly portal does not hinder your creative flow and lets you create your masterpiece. We follow a unique concept called MYOS which stands for Make Your Own Shirt which allows our customers to design their own t-shirts, keychains, flasks, caps, pens, etc and make it as personal as possible. Head over to 3dprintkw.com and start customising now!

Customised photo gifts in Kuwait – Memories through pictures

Customised gifts in Kuwait

The tradition of gifting can be traced back to the pre-civilisation era.The art of gifting has evolved with time and today, it is one of the most preferred form of expressing gratitude, love and affection. Lately, Kuwait has experienced a sudden rush in the customised gifts industry.

Why are personalised gifts becoming universally appealing?

Customised gifts addresses the emotions of the giver. It appreciates the time and effort pit into making the gift. If you are looking for gifting options online, you are at the right place. Given the rising demand, we decided to curate a list of personalised gifts that you can find and customise it according to your preference here in Kuwait!

Pictures and collages have always been a part of the gifting culture. From Birthday gifts to wedding gifts to corporate events, pictures have always been a part of every occasion. Who would have thought that you could print pictures on pillow covers?!

Personalisation come in many shapes and forms. From printing to painting, there are numerous choices and easily accessible thanks to the internet.

We have a list of products that can be customised to make the perfect present! Let’s get started!

  • T-shirts

Personalised T-shirts in Kuwait

Customised graphic tee/t-shirts have been in trend lately. Surprise your friends with a customised t-shirt with their picture printed on in. Isn’t it just great! You can now personalise t-shirts with pictures or text or quotes or all the three! Perfect present for graduation day, wedding gifts, new mother, babies, and even grandparents!

  • Mugs
Create Design your own custom personalized mugs online Kuwait
Personalized mugs online Kuwait

A return gift personalised with pictures of every receiver on the mug, imagine the kind of happiness you would be spreading! The internet now gives you the ability to get photos printed on mugs, perfect for corporate event too. Newly joined employs would feel special and motivated to give their 100%!

  • Mobile covers
Customised Mobile phone covers
Custom & Personalized mobile covers cases online in Kuwait

Who doesn’t like a customised mobile phone cover with their picture? You can now go out and gift your loved ones in style!

  • Pillows

Customised Pillow covers in Kuwait


Be innovative, go crazy! Have a hard time remembering dates? You don’t need to now! Get it printed on a pillow cover and it never goes out of your sight! You can print a picture of your group on the covers and rock that stay over party!

  • Candles

Yes! You read it right! You can gift your loved ones a candle with their picture on it! Sets the right mood too!

3d prints is one of its first kind of online store in Kuwait. We give you the freedom of customising any, yes any product of your choice to make it your own. We do not hold back your creative desire. You create, we deliver. Personalise your very own present today by visiting our website. What are you waiting for? Head over to 3d Prints and start customising now!