Best custom printed bags for your Mothers

The job titled Mom is one of the most tiresome jobs. They give up their careers, interests, desires, and basically their life for the happiness of their family. We at 3d Prints are in love the idea of dedicating one whole day appreciating and expressing our love to mothers. But our question is why restrict it to just one day? The role of a mother has been taken for granted. We expect everything from them but do not give anything in return, they do not expect either. Why restrict ourselves from showcasing the gratitude on just one particular day?

We were thinking about what could be the best gift for mothers this Mother’s Day that would remind them that they are loved for the rest of the year. And then we thought about how the day goes by for them, both working mothers and house makers. They juggle multiple tasks every day. They easily forget where their stuff is but never ours. Hence, we thought of this brilliant idea of fusing the love for bags in women and utility together and came up with the concept of customised tote bags.

Tote bags were invented to fend off the space issue. A tote bag can serve as a luggage for short trips, store your bargained clothes in and basically store a lot of things in it. Personalise the bag as they were meant for mothers.

Why a Personalised Tote Bag?

A tote bag is a multi-purpose bag. It is stylish and also can be used to keep all your belongings safe. We have listed a few perks of gifting your mothers a customised tote bag for mothers day, let’s begin!

One bag to keep it all

Once you have a tote bag, you wouldn’t need another one. Mothers have to carry a lot around with them, this personalized bag especially comes handy to new mothers and working women. They can keep their baby feeding bottles, clothes, tissues, hand sanitiser, etc at one place.


This one for all the working women out there. Make a style statement with our customisable tote bag. A perfect gift that you can present to your mothers is the liberty to explore and be in vogue. From sunglasses to accessories, phone, money and other things can be just carried around in style.

Home decor

Tote bags not only make a good go-to bag but also can be used as an excellent home decor. We all are familiar with our mothers being obsessed with storing things. Why not make that hobby of theirs into a home decor?! A stylish tote bag next to your mother’s wardrobe with all her stuff in it would give a very classy and vintage vibe. And if the bag is customised with family pictures or quotes, you could as well display it in the guest room. Amazing isn’t it?

How can you customise your gift?

It is extremely easy to customise your gifts these days. There are businesses on the internet that let you customise your product online and deliver it to your doorsteps! 3D Prints is one of them. We are one of the best in Kuwait for customised and personalised products. Our products range from T-shirts to mugs, to birthday parties to corporate events, from products for new mothers to celebrating the essence of mothers day.

We at 3d Prints love to make and see our customers happy, and that is business for us.

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